Turning the sluggish rainy season into motivation for a summer diet

The northern part of Kyushu where I live has entered the rainy season, and the weather forecast shows umbrella icons in a straight line from this week to next. Perhaps because of this, I've been experiencing unusual headaches, and I thought, "I won't be able to get through this summer at this rate!" So, I was considering today's menu.


Looking in the refrigerator, I found potatoes, aubergines, king oyster mushrooms... and some beans in stock.


I had planned to make curry today (we have curry for half the week in our house), so I decided to think about how these ingredients and spices might affect the body and in which areas they could be beneficial.

Nutritional value of aubergines, potatoes, beans, and mushrooms



Aubergines contain nasunin, an antioxidant that helps prevent cell ageing. They're also rich in fibre, supporting digestive health and helping to alleviate constipation.



Potatoes are rich in vitamin C and potassium, effective for boosting immunity and preventing high blood pressure. They also contain plenty of fibre, contributing to digestive health.



Beans are rich in protein and fibre, helping to maintain and repair muscles, control blood sugar levels, and lower cholesterol. They also contain iron, which is effective in preventing anaemia.


Mushrooms (King Oyster)

King oyster mushrooms are rich in B vitamins and minerals, supporting energy metabolism. They also contain fibre, which aids in maintaining digestive health.


The items in my fridge were a parade of ingredients beneficial for improving the digestive system!

So, I decided to detox from the intestines to prepare for summer, countering the sluggish, heavy feeling of the rainy season.


Why detoxing is effective during the rainy season?


During the rainy season, humidity is high, making the body feel sluggish and prone to swelling. Detoxing during this time can help eliminate excess water and waste from the body, restoring a sense of lightness.


Curry spices are very effective for detoxing during the rainy season. For example, turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation in the body. Cumin and coriander aid digestion, while fenugreek helps control blood sugar levels. The combination of these spices can improve rainy season health issues and enhance detox effects.


Preparing for summer fatigue


Detoxing the body before the summer heat fully sets in can also help prevent summer fatigue. Curry, in particular, can improve loss of appetite and indigestion common in summer. Spices like cinnamon and cardamom stimulate appetite and aid digestion.


Vegetables like potatoes, mixed beans, aubergines, and king oyster mushrooms are also effective in preventing summer fatigue. These vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, helping to restore energy and boost immunity. Aubergines, in particular, have a cooling effect on the body, making them ideal for hot summer days.


Moreover, regular intestinal detoxing, even outside the rainy season, is an important event that not only benefits beauty but also helps prevent various diseases!


Are you drinking too much?


Are you eating too much?


I've recently found my favourite anko mochi at AEON and have been consuming too much sugar, so I'm resetting my taste buds and digestive system here. Furthermore, I'm implementing a one-month diet plan to lose 3 kilos for summer. This time, I'll incorporate effective exercises to aim for a toned body, so I plan to analyse not only weight and body fat percentage but also muscle mass.


I plan to share my methods and results on my blog and Instagram in the future.




★Recipe [Detox Curry]