Why do I choose a vegan lifestyle?

Normally, I don't consume any animal-based foods at all. 


I'm often asked, "Not even milk or eggs?" 

But I eliminate all dairy products, egg products, and even fish-based dashi stock.  


Previously, I enjoyed eating dairy products. I liked the hamburgers my mother made. White chocolate was my absolute favourite.


However, nowadays I don't consume any of those at all.



Why do I go to such lengths...?



The biggest reason is that "following the voice of my body and mind" has resulted in this dietary lifestyle.



As I mentioned in my previous article, while my body is naturally robust, my mind tends to be weaker.


In my early 20s, due to the stress of not being compatible with society, I developed Meniere's disease, insomnia, and fractures, followed by a period of about 3 years where I couldn't tolerate any animal-based foods at all.


After that, even when I was able to eat them again, I continued to feel "a sense of discomfort."

This discomfort became stronger and stronger after giving birth.


After childbirth, my complex about my body shape also intensified, which further worsened my mental state. So I started dieting. The diet was successful in that I lost 13kg. However, I wasn't satisfied with that and developed a mild eating disorder.



I thought, if this continues, I'll be ruined…



So I decided to re-evaluate my diet.



For me, rather than physical issues, I needed to focus on mental issues, so I constantly asked myself whether I really wanted to eat certain foods or not.


First, I quit chocolate, which I had loved. I realised I was addicted to it.

With any favourite food, it's fine if you can stick to appropriate portions. But in my case, I would overindulge, so it was wiser to eliminate it completely.


Then, after growing herbs and tomatoes in my home garden and feeling the bounties from the earth, I came to appreciate the richness of vegetables and transitioned to a vegetable-centric diet. Eventually, I reached the point of eliminating all animal-derived ingredients.


Once you experience such luxuries, you can't go back.



Even when the aromas of yakitori or croissants waft through the city streets, evoking nostalgia, I haven't reverted to my previous diet. 

Instead, I find the greatest joy in selecting vegetables at the supermarket, cooking them at home, and eating them.



It's often said that our bodies are made of food, but the body and mind are connected. Therefore, food, body, and mind are all interconnected. By re-evaluating something as fundamental as our diet, I believe we can live true to ourselves.



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