Just Switching to Brown Rice Makes Such a Difference!: The Allure of the Healthy Brown Rice

Brown rice has gained attention in recent years as an ingredient due to the rising health consciousness. Compared to white rice, it is higher in nutritional value and is said to offer various benefits. However, there is also an image that it is "hard and difficult to eat", and in reality, there are few opportunities for it to be served at the dining table. So this time, we will rediscover the appeal of brown rice and also introduce ways to eat it deliciously.


Brown Rice

White Rice


Rich in vitamin B group, vitamin E, magnesium, iron, and other minerals 

Nutrients are lost during the milling process

Dietary Fibre

Rich in dietary fibre, takes time to digest, so blood sugar levels rise slowly  

Digested quickly, causing rapid rise in blood sugar levels 

Taste and Texture

Has a chewy texture and distinct roasted aroma  

Soft and easy to eat, but mild in flavour


【Main Nutrients in Brown Rice】  

Brown rice contains abundant nutrients such as the vitamin B group, vitamin E, dietary fibre, iron, and magnesium, which are richer than in white rice. These nutrients, which tend to be lost during milling, play an important role in leading a healthy life.


The dietary fibre content is also more than five times that of white rice.


【Perfect for Dieting! The Appeal of Brown Rice】

- Low GI value suppresses post-meal blood sugar spikes

- Plenty of dietary fibre for prolonged fullness

- Balanced nutrition through vitamin and mineral replenishment


The high-quality protein and abundant dietary fibre in brown rice provide a lasting sense of satisfaction. The gradual rise in blood sugar levels reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes. Furthermore, with its excellent intestinal activity rivalling that of fermented foods, it is possible to aim for an ideal slender body line.


【Brown Rice's Power to Regulate the Intestinal Environment】

The abundant dietary fibre in brown rice absorbs water in the intestines and adjusts stool consistency. It helps improve bowel movements and increases beneficial bacteria, thereby regulating the intestinal environment. It becomes a strong ally for those prone to constipation and helps cultivate a healthy intestinal flora.


【Tips for Delicious Brown Rice】

- Soaking in water for a long time makes it softer

- Steaming in a pressure cooker makes it fluffy

- Mix with grains and beans for added flavour and nutrition

- Versatile for onigiri, salads, risotto, and more

- Perfect pairing with spice-laden curries


As such, brown rice is an appealing ingredient that combines nutrition, healthiness, and gentleness on the intestines. With skilful use, it can showcase a different appeal at the daily dining table. By learning about the charms of brown rice, you can lead an even healthier life than before!


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